Either Write or Take Photos

“Either write or take photos,” the journalism professor said.

How could she decide? Suzanne was studying to be a print journalist but had always loved photography. She received her first SLR in the 1970s and had tried to sneak it into concerts ever since. Now — as she was about to finish her journalism degree — her professors said it was time to focus. Up until this point, the profs had let Zan study both writing and photography; it had been a blast.

Now they wanted her to pick.

She loved the control of sitting at a computer keyboard. You can make mistakes and catch them. You can change things over and over as you work. You can interview cool people. You are always discovering new and exciting things with every story. And the list goes on.

Photography however…. Well, concert photographers stand in the photo pit, in front of the most expensive and sought after front-row seats. Nothing can beat the thrill of standing in the exclusive area that is only feet away from the performers.

Who could pass that up?

Once she got out of college, Suzanne realized that she could write and take photos — no one was making her choose. Though she is best known for her words, her images are equally entertaining.


That’s it for a first post. Thanks for checking out my photos.

Top to Bottom: Janet Jackson, Anuhea, Lenny Kravitz, Ani DiFranco, Tina Turner, Erin Smith, Moth and Willie Nelson. All photos copyright Suzanne Kayian.

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